Features of a history essay

Features of a history essay

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     Writing an essay on history contributes to the development of the personality of the student, teaches him to develop his own opinion, an evaluative judgment about a particular historical event, to shape value priorities.

     An essay on history not only checks the knowledge of the author of historical events, but also the ability to systematize information, present results in a free form, and understand the historical significance of events and phenomena.

     The first step in writing a historical essay is the choice of a period in history and the definition of its features. At the beginning of the essay, it is necessary to designate what characterizes this period, its specificity, and then select the relevant facts.

     Facts in history are divided into historical and scientific history. The first are those that actually took place in history, possessing objectivity and localization in time and space. Scientific and historical facts usually reflect the opinions of scientists, their conclusions about historical events, based on historical sources.

     When selecting facts, it is necessary not only to list the events that took place during the described period, but to single out the main, most significant events that fully correspond to the specific features of the period.

     Next, you need to reflect the estimated knowledge of the subject, which manifests itself in the knowledge of various scientific points of view, versions of the description of historical events and phenomena. In evaluating, the depth of disclosure and the reasoning of judgments are taken into account.

     One of the evaluation criteria is the description of the historical person. However, to obtain a high score, a simple description of a person’s activity, even a very detailed and detailed one, is not enough. The task is to describe the role of these historical persons in a specific period, based on historical facts. Fulfillment of this particular requirement allows evaluating the essay on this criterion for a higher score.

     The ability to identify cause-and-effect relationships is also one of the criteria for a good historical essay. All historical events or phenomena give rise to other events and phenomena, and at the same time, they themselves were born by certain events and phenomena. The student must be able to analyze the facts, establish causes and effects, draw the appropriate conclusions, which is indeed a rather complicated mental work.

     At the same time, an important role is played by the existing knowledge of all the facts relating to the period being described, their chronological sequence. It is necessary to build a logic circuit or chain of events sequentially connected with each other. Most often it happens that an event provokes several reasons. In this case, you must be able to highlight the most significant events.

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